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You don't scare me....

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20th December 2008

wholuvsya9:42pm: comm promo
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6th November 2006

momtomaddie1:18pm: Mod Post
Hey mommies

Hope everyone is doing good. Just a few things to keep in mind.

Please do not use large text with various colors on your posts as it gets bothersome. Also, doing so could cause the post to be deleted.

Chrissi and I will be going thru the member list frequently to check for deleted journals and those who do not update on a regular basis. We want our little 'home' to stay active. Members who have not updated in the last 20 weeks will be deleted, but feel free to join again once you begin to update on a regular basis.

All posts will now be set to friends only by default. DO NOT change this setting when you post.  Lately we have had some subjects that should be kept friends only.  And I've noticed most of our posts have been friends only already. This will be done automatically every time you post.  Nothing will need to be changed.  Posts that are changed to be viewed publically will be deleted without warning.

Start looking for some adorable seasonal pictures of your little ones.  We will be having another picture contest in the following weeks.  Halloween costumes are welcome!  Lets see those beautiful cuties all dressed up!

Also in the next few days, our layout will change.  If you have one that is suitable for our community that you would like to suggest, leave a link to the entry where it is located.  All suggestions will be considered.  If we have enough of a response from this, perhaps a quick poll will help pick the winning layout!

1st November 2006

latinlover11303:04pm: I have a very soon to be four year old son (on saturday!) and an almost three year old son (3 in january).

I am a member of a book club for children.  (www.cbomc.com).  I only have a very short amount of time to fulfill my membership, so I need book ideas suitable for 2-4 year olds!

If any of you moms out there have book suggestions, i wanna hear 'em!  Or even if you have a favorite author of children's books.

What are your favorites, and what are your kids' favorites?

Please help!

22nd October 2006

momtomaddie11:54am: We got our toddler bed.
I'm sure you are all going to get tired of me quick... lol

We finally broke down and got maddie a toddler bed. Last night she slept wonderful in it. She was really tired which I think helped. However today for nap, she did not want to stay in it. She did roll out last night onto the pillows that I had put on the floor. But I think the fact that she fell out bed scares her.

I've been trying to find bed rails that will fit her toddler bed. Hers came with the short rails on the top, near the head board on both sides. We have it against the wall... so only 1 side is open.

What I'm looking for is a short length rail that will work on a toddler bed set up. I think she wants the full lenght rail for safety.. then we can always remove that as she gets better at not flopping around as much.

It's a wooden sleigh style bed, if that helps any!

Thanks mommies.

**edit** ok I should make it more clear. My parents had found a rail for a bed, and we thought it would work for her toddler bed. But the bars that go between the mattresses were too long. About 6-8 inches too long. As those rails are meant to be used on a twin or other regular size bed. Not on a toddler bed with crib size mattress. So that's what I'm looking for, a rail that will work with a crib size mattress. I can always remove the half rail that is currently on her bed and put a full length one.

15th October 2006

jaydedfaerie2:48pm: It looks like Arianna (21 months old) has a little wart on her middle finger. I myself have never had a wart so I don't know much about them. I noticed the little bump about a month ago and it has since gotten a little bit bigger. I'm kind of concerned. Do I need to call the doctor? Or can I just use an over the counter treatment? thanks.

12th October 2006

momtomaddie8:30pm: Toddler bed
I don't know what to do. Maddie is able to climb out of her crib. She can put her foot on the rail and pull her self up. So I tried taking the railing off her crib again tonight. Well it worked for a little bit. But then she woke up and remembered the rail wasn't there and got scared. So then I tried to just lean the rail up against her bed so that it was there but not ya know. Well she rolls around alot when she sleeps. And must have knocked it down mid-flop. But didn't wake up. Well about 5 minutes later I hear another thud and her crying. She had rolled out of bed onto the rail. Got her calmed down and laid back in bed. Well she freaked out as soon as I put her down. So I put the rail back up. she cried for about 3 seconds... then fell asleep.

I really dont' know what to do. She 'needs' that rail as a security for her to sleep. But she can climb out of her cirb which is dangerous. I'm also not happy with how low her crib goes for the matteress. It is a convertable crib, toddler bed. But the top of the matteress is at least 24 inches from the floor. So that's a ways to fall when your asleep.

Any mom's here have an idea of what I could do? She is at least 32 inches tall, I don't know if that makes a difference. And 16 1/2 months old.

x-posted to my journal
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29th September 2006

momtomaddie11:23am: Potty training
I was wondering when is too young to start potty training. Madison has been showing almost every sign of wanting to start. She is 16 months.
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28th September 2006

dylansmomma2:01pm: Hello

Hi everyone!

No one has posted in a while, so I thought I would stop in and say hi!  Hope everyone is doing good...

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12th September 2006

dylansmomma2:48pm: Scary Thoughts
Hello everyone,

A friend of mine a while back moved to a different place in the county that I live in.  She was telling me how she got online to our state's official police website and searched the database for registered sex offenders/child molesters....there were 5 or 6 in her community!  1 of which lived right up the road from her!!!  I thought that was very scary information, and therefore did some of my own research.  I got on and searched in MY little community....there are 5 that they had registered on the website, with all their information, including their picture, address, date of birth, and what they were charged with.  That is CRAZY!!!!  Most of them live right down the road from me, and I would have had no clue otherwise.  Basically, all I'm saying is, it's scary stuff, but it's useful to know.  I'm sure a lot of you will be taking your little ones trick-or-treating this halloween (I am taking my 2 year old as well) and I urge all of you to do your own research.  Nothing may ever come from it, but it's still good to know, just in case.  There are a lot of crazy people out there, and we never know what may happen.  I just wanted to let you guys know....the way things are nowadays, one can never be too safe.

Note:  If you don't know your state's official police site, just search for it on yahoo.  Just type in "*your state* sex offender registry"  and it should come up.  If any of you live in Kentucky, here is the URL: http://www.kentuckystatepolice.org/sor.htm
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10th September 2006

ky_whitney5:21pm: Blue's Room
I taped "Meet Blue's Baby Brother" about two months ago on my DVR. Easton is 15 months and is obsessed with it. All day he points to the TV and says "Boo, Boo?" I let him watch it once a day.

He watches it with a huge smile on his face. He will either just plop wherever and watch it, sit on my husband's gaming chair, or drag the spiderman pull out bed/couch to the TV and sit.

He is doing it now. What a hoot;)
poohbaby12:08pm: crafts for toddlers
I just re-joined this community and thought I'd stop by and ask what some of you do with your toddlers as far as crafts/activites? I'm a stay at home mom to 2 kids-ages 2 and 4, and I'm running out of ideas! So, please share some ideas with me (and everyone else!)
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9th September 2006

jaydedfaerie10:57am: My daughter is 20 months old and I decided i'm not going to get her a flu shot this year. I got her one last year and she ended up with the flu. I'm not saying it came from the flu shot, but it apparently didn't do it's job. So, I'm going to see how this winter goes without it. So, I wanted to see how you momma's deal with sick toddlers? What do you do or give them to make them feel better?
pieces_of_nine2:52pm: My son is four in December, and up until recently was a good 7.30pm til at least 7am sleeper. However, he's started waking any time from 6am. This is not a good thing, because by the end of the day, he is overtired and very very cranky. He'll have a meltdown over anything from having his tea (evening meal)to going to the toilet before bed.

He doesn't have a daytime sleep, just a *rest* which is usually around half an hour to 45 minutes. He's had a fairly set in concrete bed time routine since he was a baby (tea, bath/shower, pjs, story, teeth, bed). He was sharing a room with his little brother, but right now is sleeping in our spare room. It is getting lighter here, as it is heading toward summer, but the spare room is west facing, so shouldn't get too much early morning light.

Any tips for getting him to either stay asleep longer or at least stay in bed longer so he's rested?


5th September 2006

wholuvsya7:08am: Interesting Article...

I thought this was an interesting article...what do all of you think? do you think the bmi at two is a good predictor of what your child will be like as an adolescent?

3rd September 2006

wholuvsya8:27pm: MOD POST PLEASE READ
Attention Ladies...Just an fyi..this has been all around lj for the past day or so...I would just urge you to be careful of who is on your fl, ok? unless I have a salute from the people on the list, they will be deleted...if your name is not on the following list don't worry :)
Apparently the IP for this/these lj's is:
I took this from nouglybabies
she was cold still life AND dearandfluffy on there.

be careful

This is bigger than watergate, bigger than Oprah!

cold still life
sardonic bitch

1st September 2006

dylansmomma4:59pm: I need some advice
I wanted to ask you ladies a question.  Have any of you sold, or have thought about selling Avon products?  I hear it's a very good work-from-home job that a lot of women are involved with.  I want to earn a little money without going out and being away from my son...at least now, because he's so young.  If anyone has any information or advice on being an Avon Rep. or ANY work-at-home job for that matter, it would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance! =)
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30th August 2006

dosequisgirl6:18pm: Fun Foods
The place I just started working for gained The National Wildlife Federation as a client recently so I was checking their website to see if they had any magazines or anything else Damien might like. I came across these recipes when looking at their toddler magazine, Wild Animal Baby. I thought they were cute and some of you might be interested in making them for or with your kiddos. :)
Hermit Crab SnackCollapse )

Funny Bunny SaladCollapse )

Crunch CaterpillarCollapse )

Bear Paw CookiesCollapse )


29th August 2006

levityinbrevity8:24am: links for kids
I have found a few nice sites with all sorts of activitys and things to do with your toddlers and kids.. This site has all sorts of things ideas games and songs. as well as resipes.

I know a few moms have posted asking for ideas on what to do with there toddlers and well I hope a few of these sites help here is anouther one and some online storys and games and here are some songs  and some coloring pages print and color.

I hope you all like the pages I have been able to find... got to love when  navy wife gets bord and starts googling stuff.
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28th August 2006

dylansmomma1:16pm: Newbie
Hello everyone,

I just joined this community, and I wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Kristie, I'm 18 years old, I'm married to a wonderful man (Josh) and we have a beautiful 2 year old son (Dylan).  I'm happy to have joined, and hopefully I can get to know you all better!  Take care. 
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24th August 2006

ziggieretriever5:17pm: Introduction
Hello, My name is Jess and I'm new to this community. I am not a parent (yet), but I am in school obtaining degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education.
I joined this community to learn: the more I understand the families with whom I am working, the better I will be able to serve. Hopefully, I can be of
some help and encouragement to you all as well.

Also, for those who are interested, I have created a Christian community for those who care for children with special needs. If you are at all interested,
check out:


Have a great day!
gelf1:36pm: Eating
I am having a real problem with Robert lately getting him to eat. The doctor told me he will eat if he is hungry which I am finding not to be true. He has amost always been a good eater one day and not so good the next but lately it has been like a war to get him to eat a meal. For example last night we had ravioli ( one of his favorite meals) as soon as he took a bite of the food he spit it out and said it was bad. My husband gave in and made him a PB&J sandwich under Roberts request. So today for lunch before I made it I asked him what he whated and much to my suprise he said PB&J. He took one bite and refuses to eat any more stating that the peanut butter is icky. I just dont know what to do. Should I let him go hungry like the doctor says, should I give in after an hour or so and let him have somehting different. I just dont know
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23rd August 2006

wholuvsya6:02pm: Potty Training
Ok ladies,
I have about HAD it with potty training. Gabe is two and a half and shows an interest in potty training. He does NOT want to wear diapers, only underwear. He sleeps in undies at night (no accidents in over a week) BUT refuses to go in the toilet. He will pee in the shower, he will pee on the floor, anywhere BUT the toilet. If I catch him in time I can get him to poop on the toilet, with no fighting at all. I am at my wits end. How in the HELL do I get him to go pee on the toilet?! Any helpful advice? Anyone going through the same thing so I can have someone to commiserate with?!

Also, off topic, but I am preggo with number two. Gabe seems to sense that I am pregnant and REFUSES to walk. He will literally throw himself on the ground rather than walk. I am miserably sick and he is HEAVY! Any ideas mommas?

Thanks in advance :)

22nd August 2006

momtomaddie5:20pm: Daycare question
Hey ladies... I have a quick question.

How do you handle a bully at your child's daycare?

Madison is a regular part-time child at her in home daycare. She goes for about 8 hours a week, with maybe 2-4 other in drop-in hours.
She's almost 15 months and a little big for her age but not huge.. you know what I mean. And she's very lovey with the other kids there... hugs and kisses *her daycare friends are all girls. Besides this "bully" there is only one other boy and it's the brother of 2 of the other girls*

Well today I went to pick up Madison and Bonnie, daycare provider, told me that Maddie was bit by this "bully" She didn't see exactly what happened but was less then 10 feet away from the 2 of the kids. "bully" is a few days younger than Madison but bigger in size. And from what Bonnie could tell, "bully" was being a bit rough and I guess got mad at Madison for being so lovey with him. "Bully" has never been to daycare reglularly. He is a strict drop in a few hours a week, while his mom goes to curves. Mainly goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But for some reason was there today. And it's only an hour each time he's there.

I guess my question is, how do I handle this? He did break the skin and Madison has a small scab. She has already tried biting me since she was home and bit Bonnies shirt while I was still there. Do I stop taking her there while this "bully" is there? Or do I stop all together? She loves going and brings me her shoes in the morning so that we can get going faster. She loves her friends there. I guess I just don't know how to handle this. MIL is furious and said to stop taking her there. But MIL is a bit strict on child raising.

Any advice would be great. Oh and if it's not to much... do I need to take to her the dr? Since it DID break the skin and all?

Thanks in Advance ladies

16th August 2006

momtomaddie1:16pm: For those who still have kids in diapers.
I got this in my email today.. thought I would share with you all...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

15th August 2006

momtomaddie2:54pm: Terrible 2's at 15 months?
Madison has started throwing temper tantrums. I'll tell her "NO" and then she just freaks out and throws her self on the floor and fusses.

I thought this didn't start till age 2. Oh lucky me that she does everything so early. Terrible 2's now are starting at 15 months... phewie!

Any ideas on how to cope?

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