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Daycare question

Hey ladies... I have a quick question.

How do you handle a bully at your child's daycare?

Madison is a regular part-time child at her in home daycare. She goes for about 8 hours a week, with maybe 2-4 other in drop-in hours.
She's almost 15 months and a little big for her age but not huge.. you know what I mean. And she's very lovey with the other kids there... hugs and kisses *her daycare friends are all girls. Besides this "bully" there is only one other boy and it's the brother of 2 of the other girls*

Well today I went to pick up Madison and Bonnie, daycare provider, told me that Maddie was bit by this "bully" She didn't see exactly what happened but was less then 10 feet away from the 2 of the kids. "bully" is a few days younger than Madison but bigger in size. And from what Bonnie could tell, "bully" was being a bit rough and I guess got mad at Madison for being so lovey with him. "Bully" has never been to daycare reglularly. He is a strict drop in a few hours a week, while his mom goes to curves. Mainly goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But for some reason was there today. And it's only an hour each time he's there.

I guess my question is, how do I handle this? He did break the skin and Madison has a small scab. She has already tried biting me since she was home and bit Bonnies shirt while I was still there. Do I stop taking her there while this "bully" is there? Or do I stop all together? She loves going and brings me her shoes in the morning so that we can get going faster. She loves her friends there. I guess I just don't know how to handle this. MIL is furious and said to stop taking her there. But MIL is a bit strict on child raising.

Any advice would be great. Oh and if it's not to much... do I need to take to her the dr? Since it DID break the skin and all?

Thanks in Advance ladies
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