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I am having a real problem with Robert lately getting him to eat. The doctor told me he will eat if he is hungry which I am finding not to be true. He has amost always been a good eater one day and not so good the next but lately it has been like a war to get him to eat a meal. For example last night we had ravioli ( one of his favorite meals) as soon as he took a bite of the food he spit it out and said it was bad. My husband gave in and made him a PB&J sandwich under Roberts request. So today for lunch before I made it I asked him what he whated and much to my suprise he said PB&J. He took one bite and refuses to eat any more stating that the peanut butter is icky. I just dont know what to do. Should I let him go hungry like the doctor says, should I give in after an hour or so and let him have somehting different. I just dont know
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