I'm tangled up in our embrace (wholuvsya) wrote in toddlermommas,
I'm tangled up in our embrace

Potty Training

Ok ladies,
I have about HAD it with potty training. Gabe is two and a half and shows an interest in potty training. He does NOT want to wear diapers, only underwear. He sleeps in undies at night (no accidents in over a week) BUT refuses to go in the toilet. He will pee in the shower, he will pee on the floor, anywhere BUT the toilet. If I catch him in time I can get him to poop on the toilet, with no fighting at all. I am at my wits end. How in the HELL do I get him to go pee on the toilet?! Any helpful advice? Anyone going through the same thing so I can have someone to commiserate with?!

Also, off topic, but I am preggo with number two. Gabe seems to sense that I am pregnant and REFUSES to walk. He will literally throw himself on the ground rather than walk. I am miserably sick and he is HEAVY! Any ideas mommas?

Thanks in advance :)
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andrew is 3 1/2 all most 4 i have had him potty broke now for 6 months.. it was very hard.. He also did the same thing to me when i was pg with ali.. Its hard.. but all i can say it just let him set there and cry he will stop and walk.. thats what i had to do with andrew
let him through a fit and you keep walking. it'll get on your nerves but teach him a point. unless he's hurt, he's gotta get up and be a big boy now. :)

and uhm ... how about peeing in a beach pail? LOL i know, lame Heidi. But it got Chris out of peeing on the floor and just "having accidents". The flush used to scare him. so he'd pee in the bucket and wash up, then i'd dump andflush for him ... Only if he'd poop in the toilet. still no flushing but it was our deal. lol
Perhaps you could make a game out of going pee in the potty. I have heard of mothers who have boys put like cheerios in the potty and have the boys aim for the cheerios as they pee. I know kind of wierd but I could see how that could work. Does he do something different when he pees in the shower or on the floor that would be different going in the potty?
Robert and I have been working on potty training for a while now. When we first when he was 2 1/2, he was really interested in his little potty and was a little afraid of the normal one. To help him past it we would go at the same time him on his potty and me on mommys potty as he calls it. Then he could flush it. We kind of made a game out of it. For each time he made it to the potty and went even a drop he would get a small plastic tree. When he had it with out a accident he got a small plastic dinosaur. As he progressed more was expected to get the toy. After about 3 months of training he was doing very well until I got sick then he refused to use the potty anymore and decided he didnt want to be a kid that he wanted to be a baby as he put it.

Now we are at it again he is 3 now and I have tried a couple of different approches with him this time. On the days he has on only a pair of underpants I take him to the bathroom every 15 like clock work when the timer goes off, if he still has an accident he has to go into a pull up. On the days/times he is in pull ups he has to keep the dragons ( the fading pics on the front) if he makes it for a certain time span he gets something special. Also now for making it and having no accidents he gets stickers as a reward instead of a toy everytime, that add up to a special prize daily or weekly depending on what I decide is his goal or prize. He seems to have worked through his fear of the big toliet on his own and much to my dismay has a preferance to public toliets. We do still have struggles with him wanting to stop what he is doing for a bathroom break but he is starting to realize that it is better to go in the potty than in his pants. Though in the beging of this time I started out giving him a sticker if he had an accident he just got alot more if he didn't. He also sits down or stands up, which ever he wants to do though he is starting to stand up a little more now that he knows that big kids do it that way.

We also had to get him to understand that he could not remove his pull up anywhere but in the bathroom. As you probably know the pull ups have velcro sides. Robert took this as a sign for him to rip them off while running to the bathroom and most of the time he had already started in them. We had more than one accident with poop and having to get out the carpet cleaner. There have been some laughs and some gross moments. And I think we have tried every type of pull up we can find in up state NY. The best we have found are actually the generic brand at K-mart. They pull on like underpants and the bet part. No Velcro, they are as close to underpants that I have found and he doesnt seem to notice swtching between the 2.

I also have a problem getting Robert to want to walk on his own. I Have found that if I just leave him there he will get up and come, if it is time to go to the potty though I do carry him and I have resorted to telling him I will put him back in a diaper if he doesnt want to go on his own. It seems to work to get him in there with out having to carry him 9 out of 10 times. When we are leaving the house I try to get him excited about where we are going and telling him how I really need my little heros help ( as he is really into super heros at the moment) Normally he will pretend to fly to the car and then I can get him into his seat. When we are at the store and stuff I make him go in the cart and I dont take him to the mall by myself unless I can put him on my shoulders if he starts to want me to carry him. Needless to say we dont go to the mall much alone.

Hope it helps some.