I'm tangled up in our embrace (wholuvsya) wrote in toddlermommas,
I'm tangled up in our embrace

Potty Training

Ok ladies,
I have about HAD it with potty training. Gabe is two and a half and shows an interest in potty training. He does NOT want to wear diapers, only underwear. He sleeps in undies at night (no accidents in over a week) BUT refuses to go in the toilet. He will pee in the shower, he will pee on the floor, anywhere BUT the toilet. If I catch him in time I can get him to poop on the toilet, with no fighting at all. I am at my wits end. How in the HELL do I get him to go pee on the toilet?! Any helpful advice? Anyone going through the same thing so I can have someone to commiserate with?!

Also, off topic, but I am preggo with number two. Gabe seems to sense that I am pregnant and REFUSES to walk. He will literally throw himself on the ground rather than walk. I am miserably sick and he is HEAVY! Any ideas mommas?

Thanks in advance :)
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