Megan (momtomaddie) wrote in toddlermommas,

We got our toddler bed.

I'm sure you are all going to get tired of me quick... lol

We finally broke down and got maddie a toddler bed. Last night she slept wonderful in it. She was really tired which I think helped. However today for nap, she did not want to stay in it. She did roll out last night onto the pillows that I had put on the floor. But I think the fact that she fell out bed scares her.

I've been trying to find bed rails that will fit her toddler bed. Hers came with the short rails on the top, near the head board on both sides. We have it against the wall... so only 1 side is open.

What I'm looking for is a short length rail that will work on a toddler bed set up. I think she wants the full lenght rail for safety.. then we can always remove that as she gets better at not flopping around as much.

It's a wooden sleigh style bed, if that helps any!

Thanks mommies.

**edit** ok I should make it more clear. My parents had found a rail for a bed, and we thought it would work for her toddler bed. But the bars that go between the mattresses were too long. About 6-8 inches too long. As those rails are meant to be used on a twin or other regular size bed. Not on a toddler bed with crib size mattress. So that's what I'm looking for, a rail that will work with a crib size mattress. I can always remove the half rail that is currently on her bed and put a full length one.
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